Five ways to find the best filming locations for your shoot in Manchester!

Posted on: Wed Mar 2020

Location Filming in Manchester


Are you looking to film on location in Manchester and wondering where to find and get exclusive access to the best locations? Do you need to secure a filming permit to get your shoot preparations in place? Perhaps you are looking for a local fixer that can help you get your project up and running?


Here at Revolution Productions, we are committed to delivering successful shoots for clients on location Manchester. We have a top-notch production team ready and willing to support your wildest creativities. And we’re not just saying this, but, our in-house location manager has the biggest location library in Manchester.


With over 30 years collective experience of facilitating filming on location, we can quickly guide your production to find all of the best locations.

1. Find the perfect location that ticks all the boxes.


We pride ourselves on our location library.


Over the years, we have seen it all. From filming stylish high-end commercials in the city’s vast office spaces and upper-class penthouses. To urban fashion brands capturing the atmospheric streets of the Northern Quarter. Whatever your brief is, we have it covered. Need a road closing for a car commercial? – done. A sunset beach shot for beer? – no problem. Ride a bike up a mountain with one of the country’s greatest cyclists? – sorted. (Just don’t ask us to join him – those are big hills!) From the base of our ever-expanding city of Manchester, we can get you what you need. Look no further than the North.

2. Get the location owners to say yes!


Not only do we have an extensive location library here at Revolution. We also have great relationships with our location owners which makes sealing the deal and getting the contract signed a smooth process. We have an ever-evolving library, constantly being updated with new locations.  We keep a close eye on the trends in advertising, to make sure that our locations will match the styles that our clients need. If there were a game of guess the location owner in Manchester, we would win!

3. Meet your client’s budget.


Budgets are crucial to the happiness and efficiency of any shoot. Up in Manchester, we have a secret. We are much better value than London. When you bring your production up to the North, you are not only choosing an area steeped with history, culture and ambience you are also getting great value and easier shoot logistics. (shhh… don’t tell everyone).

4. Get your filming permit approved.


We are not ashamed to say that we love paperwork. Here at Revolution, we have an excellent relationship with the Film Office, which allows us to quickly assess filming viability and get permits approved for our clients’ projects. Many years of experience, filming on location in Manchester, gives us a thorough understanding of how to manage the process of filming on location for a stress free and enjoyable shoot.  We know how to find creative locations that fit a client’s brief, and how to make the locations workable in the real world.  We actively consider all aspects of location filming to ensure a smooth shoot.

5. Talented crew to make the magic happen.


Not only do we have access to a broad network of the best Northern location managers and scouts, but we also have a vibrant and hard-working crew ready to help support your project. Our locations team have scouted all over the North and are experts in successful location filming in Manchester. We have a very close relationship with local security firm who can insure what any high profile talent are properly looked after.

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